Monday, June 30, 2008

Beauties Weekly Cap June 30 2008

Hello Beauties, this week is the first game of the month. Our buy-in is doubled. Good luck to the ladies that place. We have had a lot of new ladies join lately; I would like to say welcome to beauties on behalf of myself and the veterans.

Congratulations to A_Classylady, for an impressive first place win, with a grinding heads-up match with SusieQue. Great job to both the ladies.

Once again, our boy toy spideytwo wasn't able to get out of the web that holdmclose put him in. She took him out early in the tourney for a bounty of $81.00. Very nice job!!! Still to date we have not allowed any boy toy to take over our tourney, that's impressive.

We had a birthday on Thursday..... riverqueen88 celebrated her birthday with all of us, and put a $25.00 bounty on herself. A_Classylady, in the end did take out the birthday girl and received her bounty. Thank you so much from all the beauties riverqueen, I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

I would like to give our deepest sympathy's to flsmiam and her family who lost her brother this past week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you girlfriend.

This weeks boy toy is STRETCH2424 one of the nicest guys on UB. He is also a very solid player, so watch out this week ladies, let’s make sure we stretch him till he cracks!!! Don't forget all bounty money to account mishmosh.

Didn't think I would have to cover the rules on UB, but for any ladies that either I register or they register themselves, if for some reason you cannot play on Thursday, you may unregister yourself up to 1/2 hour before the tourney begins. It’s the same rules that apply for any tournament on UB.

Weeeeeeeeeeee, Here it is in green cash we finally have some bragging beauties this week: NAHUBU - had two back to back 2nd places finishes for
For a total of $260.00.

Riverqueen88 - Impressive 2nd place finish for $650.00
Great Job!!

oldsquaw47 - placed 3rd in a mtt, for a cash of $79

I might mention Old Squaw may suggest an old wrinkled woman but in this case that is far from the truth. Old Squaw is the name of a duck species. { :-)

Maronie47 - Took out her checkbook, and decided to play a
$20 SNG. To no surprise she took first. wtg gf!!!

Congratulations to all the ladies for nice cashes this past week


holdmclose 9
riverqueen88 8
michele1024 7
a_classylady 6
lollah, nahubo, susieque, sandy 5
maronie47, hooterhanna 4
jjerseygirl, ldchickadee 3
sweetchecks1, jooocey, ladysharon 2

birdsndirt, cheryl7760, msrinny, trickivicki,
emarfit, realestategal, buadonkadonk, darbeygirl,
all have 1 point

See you on Thursday and have a lucky day


maronie47 said...

OMG MICH THAT IS SO FUNNY. MARONIE FINALLY TOOK OUT HER CHECK BOOK I AM STILL LAUGHING. Well I am glad I did came in first in that one took second in the next one and second in ten dollar one weeeeeeeeeeee.
100.00 60.00 30.00 wahoooo so I am on a roll so watch out beoches coming for you on Thursday.

Mich love the blog wish more would comment on it don't know why they don't It is really great to see what everyone did all week. Keep up the good work gf. love ya Mar

Michele1024 said...

everytime i read it im also laughing my ass off. Im not sure why the ladies dont post. I know brave made it easier to do it, so maybe if the ladies read this, they will also put their input in on the blog. keep up the good work gf, im proud of you.

p.s. im glad u like the blog

love ya,

CherokeeBrave said...

Ok I have Micheles and Cheryls bags packed for their Arubles trip. Let's see, 2 toothbrushes,2 jars of peanut butter. Wait, here's a much bigger jar more value per ounce thay can share. 2 cane poles, 2 bandannas, cardboard for sign; ARUBA OR BUST. I was going to add 2 pair shoes each but after looking at their pictures again I doubt they'll have to walk far before being picked up........... I dearly hope I have to find some other use for the 2 cane poles and bandannas and they both win trips and lots of cash for shopping and having a ball. Love ya both... Brave