Monday, June 2, 2008

Braggin Beauties and Weekly News 1

Hello Beauties,

First I would like to welcome a few new ladies to beauties. Dangeling cuffs, buadonkadonk, emma roses,flsamian and holdemclose. Hope you all had fun playing in beauties and will continue to play with us each week.

Congratulations to Holdemclose for a first place win on your first tourney with us. look out ladies, we may have a pro in the house!!!

Great job Idblondee for taking out the boy toy this week. So far to date we have not allowed any boy toy to take first in our tourney. Keep it up ladies. We need to show these men we mean business and the beauties are a force to be reconed with.

I would like to once again, say thank you very much to all the ladies that will participate in the "benefit for Frankie" tourney. A special thanks to Maronie47, SusieQue, and Cherokeebrave who really took time out of their play to recruit people and spread the word. It really means alot to me, and will be forever thankful to all of you.

Congratulations to the following ladies this past week for some nice cashes:
bragging beauties

Darbygirl: nice job taking 2nd this week in ecrew, a very tough tourney to play.

suntanu: great job in the 6:00pm making final table and taking 4th

Garnet: once again week to week continues to cash big, with an impressive 2nd place in the 2:00 pm. keep it up gf

maronie47: who finally broke her bad streak, so proud of you gf, making two final tables in 3 days taking 2nd in the 1:00pm and 3rd in the 11:40pm. finally no more venting on IM (lol)

nc miss e: very nice job on the 10:00am for a 1st place finish and a cash of $136.00

Trickivicki: nice win gf, finishing 3rd in the 4k guarantee for a whopping $500.

To all the ladies, I'm very happy and proud of all of you, keep knocking them dead.

This weeks boy toy is a real pro "dashalert" I refuse to let him win this tourney and ruin our bragging rights. So play tough ladies, and lets show him who is boss of beauties.

And last I would like to give a very special thank you to a dear friend of I think all of us. Cherokeebrave, has helped me to put together this blog for us to share beauties info. I know it took alot of time and effort, and it looks great. thank you from all the ladies.

Look for the password this week on a separate email, don't want it to leak out, and remember ladies all bounty money is to be shipped to mishmosh account. first name: michele



Cheryl said...

Michele, I LOVE the new blog!!! What a great idea!!!! Keep up the great work. You are the best gf! Ok, now let's get to work and BOTH of us win that Aruba trip!!!! :-)

Also, quick thanks to cherokeebrave for setting the blog up. Nice job!!!!

michele1024 said...

thank you gf, glad u enjoy the blog. I dont think im ever gonna get to aruba. enough of the satle's just pay for the dam trip (haha)