Monday, September 22, 2008

Beauties Weekly Cap Sept 11th & 18th

Hello Beauties;

So much has been going on the past few weeks, I apologize I have had no time for the blog. I will do my best to get all the wins right and boy toy takeouts right as well. This past week we had two beauties lose a love one. Sulli03 lost her son and I lost my brother-in-law. We both would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful flowers that were sent. Like I once said before, it amazes me, how 40 people you never met in person can feel like you have known them for 40 years. You truly are wonderful, caring, loving woman. Once again ladies, thank you so very much. A special thank you goes to Maronie47, for pulling it all together, you are a dear friend and I thank you. Let’s pray no more tragedy.

Two weeks ago 9/11/08 we had Cheryl7760 take down beauties for 1st with Etimes coming in 2nd. LittestMan was brought back for our boy toy for a whopping $140.00. PQround2 was the lucky biotch that got him!!! (haha). I'm very happy for you gf, you played great.

This past week 9/18/08, we had "FrankyBgood" as our boy toy with much confidence I may add. He was off to the races early with a huge chip lead over us ladies. I really had no fear he would make final table let alone win it. And I was right, AnnieBoom took him out at 12th for a birthday bounty of $85.00. Congratulations gf and hope you had a Great Birthday!!!!

This week’s boy toy is someone I really don't know well. I received his email that he would like to give it a try. He sent his bounty and we shall see what he is made of on Thursday. His name is "TheRottenOne," it should make interesting abuse. (lol) OK ladies I will see you all on Thursday. I will have brave take over with bragging beauties.

Braggin (or rather those caught hehehe) Beauties are:
Little birds, won't mention who caught these beauties.
I heard they were volunteer spies for brave :-)
4th $420 8pm Fri
28th $1,100 200K Sun (week ago)
3rd $1,835.40 10 pm Rebuy 15K Guar
3rd $920 12am $50+5 entry 8K Bnty Tue
18th $150 10pm 15KGuar Thur
13th $150 10pm 15K Guar
GgJerseyGirl: .
6th $150 10pm 3K Sun
4th $167.50 6seat 4pm 1K Sun

Remember bounty money to mishmosh by 9:10pm on game nite.
Love you all!!!!!!Have a lucky day

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pre-empt weekly blog

Hi ladies This is Cherokee, sorry to be the one to inform you of news perhaps Michele will be more up to posting soon. I just got email on a reply to something else and she included this news.

My life this week has been hell, we flooded over the weekend, so huge mess to clean not to mention i lost all my kids pre school art work, then today my brother in law joey passed away, my family is a mess!! Frankie (Mich's cousin) is back on kemo and the last two days have been horrible for him. Not sure if I will make it on tonight, as my house is a disaster and have to get ready for a funural. I will talk to you soon, let everyone know i will do blog as soon as i get a chance. love you all
chele Services

708- 344-0635

Born June 25, 1968
Deceased September 16, 2008 (age 40)
Brother to Brian Mazzocchi (Michele1024 husband)
Mother Fran (Sulli03 UB Beauty)

I share the pain and our prayers are with Frankie, his family, and Michele’s in this time of need hopefully he will have another miracle. For those of you being new to Beauties Frankie had a brain tumor in the recent past and pulled through Chemo and no more tumors were found and he was given a break from the pain it dealt until now.
Let us all send our regrets and sincerity to the family and friends of Joey, brother to Michele’s husband Bri. He’s been in a comatose state for sometime now after a stroke unexpectedly took him down early in life and passed away today. Our sorrow goes out to you and your family for such tragedy Michele. I join the others in wishing hope, luck, and well being for all. CherokeeBrave

Here is an addition to those of you asking about flower donations:

Hi everyone just want to let you all know if you want to contribute to the flowers for Michele's family I have gotten some responses back already and some have already shipped some dollars to my UB account. Just want to let you know the wake is Fri and funeral is Sat so we need to move on this quickly.

If you are going to chip in I will make it easy for everyone. You can just ship to my UB account maronie47 first name is Amelia if you do not already know that. I will go to the florist today and see what I can do but need to know how much we have to work with so please ship soon as you can thanks for all your love and help. I am sure that Michele will be very happy to see how much we all care about her and her family

Thanks in advance Mar

MARONIE47 has left a new comment on your post "Pre-empt weekly blog":

I just want to thank each and everyone of you who sent money to me for the flowers. It was an overwhelming response and you all are so wonderful. I hope they are as beautiful as it looked in the book at the florist.

Mich is supposed to take a picture. We had little over $150.00 It came to $148.00 with the tax and delivery and some service charge.

And with the rest of the money I sent a beautiful Mass card for Joey and a Beautiful Healing card for Frankie her cousin in Sarasota from all of us.

On the card for the flowers I put:



I Hope this met everyones approval.
AND again I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kindness. It is amazing to me how you all pull together at such times of need since we are all basically strangers, but you have all become a big part of my life. I am really glad that I started the beauties torney and brought in the boytoys or I would not of had the pleasure to know each and everyone of you. Thank you all so much. Love to all. Maronie.... Posted by MARONIE47 to UB Beauties

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beauties Weekly Cap Aug 28th & Sept 4th

Hello ladies, I'm so sorry the blog is a week late, since school started there hasn’t been much time even for myself.

I will start with Aug 28th tourney, Aug 28th was the final game to be played for our summer leader board. The final 3 are as follows: Cheryl7760 and (me) Michele1024 are tied for first. Cheryl and I will have a HU game TBA, to determine the first place winner. I will notify all of you when her and I can both get together to play it. Everyone is welcome to watch. Riverqueen88 came in an impressive 2nd. If you want to see the complete list, click the link to Brave's web site, as he keeps it up to date for all of us.

Our boy toy that week was Gotta_nguyen, he really thought he had a chance to win it. Although he did make the final table, he was taken out at 10th place by PitStop1099, to receive his bounty.
Great job gf. To date NO boy toy has ruled our game, HU was exciting to watch as two of my dear friends Jooocey and MissEvonne ground into each other, but in the long run Jooocey walked away with 1st.

We had a couple new beauties join that week, ThinLizzy04 and MrsDye, Welcome ladies, hope to see you at many more beauties games.

Sept 4th, was our first Thursday of the month game where the stakes are higher, we had a FUN boy toy join us this week. LittestMan was advised by his mommy, that he didn't have a chance at our game. Well..... what can I say, mommy knows best, as he was taken out at 12th place by BuaDonkAdonk. This brings up a touchy subject. As most of us know, the Bounty money for the Boy Toy needs to be in the mishmosh account NO LATER THAN 5 MINUTES AFTER OUR GAME BEGINS. At 9:30 emarfit, asked if it was too late to ship her money as she had forgotten. Unfortunately I had to say yes it was too late and she was unable to participate in boy toy bounty. BuaDonkaDonk, also forgot to ship in time, therefore I still hold the bounty money and will ask Littlestman to come back this week, along with another boy toy. It’s always fun to have two anyways. Ladies, I consider each and everyone of you my dearest friends, and I hate to be put in a situation I feel uncomfortable in, so PLEASE if you want to participate in boy toy bounty, please follow the rules and get it in right away, its only fair to the ladies that do. I received an email from emarfit the following day, with her permission I would like to share it all with you.

Hi Michele,I want to tell you that I think you handled the boy toy bounty situation very diplomatically. I had absolutely no problem with you not accepting my bounty after the time you closed it, and I appreciate what you said to Bua at the final table regarding her late send.It must be hard running a tourney for a bunch of bitches (LOL), but I appreciate it and I know most of them do too,Susie says you're a great person and she is too, so you must be.Jill

Even though BuaDonkaDonk, didn't get bounty money, she did take 1st and received a whopping $148 bucks. Great job gf!!! With Maronie47 sitting at the final table with a very low stack, played a solid game and managed to rebuild her stack to take a very impressive 2nd place. A_ClassyLady following in 3rd.

There is something very important I would like to share with all the ladies that play feeders...... I was informed that UB is monitoring the chat on these games. IF YOU AGREE TO A FREEZE, you will risk getting your ACCOUNT BANNED from UB and AP. So be careful ladies, none of us want to see anyone banned.

Tunica Update: Still no dates on the circuit event in January. I know myself and a few others are always looking. I have emailed WSOP for the dates and still waiting for a reply. I will keep you all informed the minute I know, so we can book it.

Ladies, how would you feel if I make this weeks beauties a 6 seat table, since we will have 2 boy toys? Just a thought... let me know. I have received a few emails for bragging beauties.... I did forward them to brave (our mascot) but unfortunately braves computer crashed and got all kinds of viruses. I apologize in advance if we missed a big win. I'm always so happy and proud when my chicks win, so if we missed one, please email again and ill get it posted next week. OK biotches see you all Thursday, Anyone knowing of a VICTIM for Thursday let me know.

Yes Braves puter is sick sick sick *^#@*. I am truly sorry ladies, I as well as Michele do enjoy posting as many wins as possible. I tried desperately to scan for wins but kept freezing after no more than 3 trny lobbies and only slightly better now. {:-(

Here are the few I was able to catch in $100 bill green ;


6th $360 2pm 6K Guar Sat


3rd $102.60 NLH 1:20am Fri


3rd $1462.50 8 pm 15K Sniper Wednesday night

Garnet: .

18th $200 8pm Deep 20K Guar Sun


1st $587.50 2.5K 11:00pm Fri

4th $510 2pm 6K Guar Sat

RiverQueen88: . (email)

4th $120 w/6 bounties total $126 8:20 $4.40 Snpr

Thanks for letting me brag

Susie Que:

14th $200 8pm Deep 20K Guar Sun

Before you go to the leader board link have a look at this. Jooocey offered to let us post this and of course we immediately accepted it. This was from last fall. All I can say is; TOTALLY AWESOME JOOOCEY WEEEEEEEE Enter Here

Final Leader Board Aug 28th Enter Here

Have a lucky day