Monday, June 2, 2008

Beauties First Published Blog

Hello Beauties
WOW, what a week it has been!!! Thursday brought out 38 of u biotches, we had a lot of veterans come back and play as well as a few new ladies. I would like to welcome, Fireresqgrl, babydoll128, S A N D Y, ldchickadee, and welcome back vegas blondi who has been traveling the past few weeks. Hope you will all continue to play with each week.

Congratulations, to idblondee for first last week, what a comeback, riverqueen88 was on fire at the final table and looked to be a sure win for her. but as we all know in poker, its not over til its over. great job both of you, well played hu match. Once again we did not allow our boytoy to cash Wilcyn was taken out by riverqueen88 and got $79.00 for his bounty. Great job!!

Maronie47, is out of the hospital, at home and doing better, she was very thankful for the flowers, get better gf, we all missed ya!!!

I sent out an email last week regarding my cousin frank who is fighting for his life with brain cancer, no words can express the overwhelming responses from you ladies, who would think online friends, people we never met before would be so willing to help with this cause. Ladies ty so very much for all your love and prayers for my family. I'm working with UB and looks like my benefit tournament will be on Monday June 2nd. A special thanks to my gf, SusieQue, who helped me get this done, without you gf, I don't think i could of pulled it off.

Like to mention a few shout outs to a couple ladies that had nice wins this past week: Beturchekme took 2nd in the $7.5K guarantee for $1200 Nice!!

Cheryl7760, took 5th in the Sunday 200k for a whopping $11,000, are you still in shock gf, I'm not, you super pro!!!! we all very proud and happy for you.

Garnet continues to cash, placing 3rd yesterday in the 10K and i also took 3rd this week in the $50re-buy.

This weeks boytoy is gjones, a great guy, has been a boytoy in the past, we always love having him. the password for this week is: headlights please remember to ship bounty money to mishmosh account.

See all you biotches on Thursday!!! sorry this email was so long, had a lot to cover.

have a lucky day


maronie47 said...

Hey Mich just love your blog what a great idea.
So glad you doing such a good job with beauties seems like everyone happy.
Esp like your recaps of each week wish I'd had thought of it very very nice.
Also glad you didn't change buy in to bigger amount would hate to see the regulars not be able to play cause of it.
Again keep up the good work they don't even miss me lol Love ya Mar

michele1024 said...

Thank you girlfriend for your kind words. After watching you run beauties for 2 years, all i can say is i learned from the best.
love ya

LOLLAH said...

you two done making out? geesh,lollah

Anonymous said...

well when this boy toy plays you women it will be you sexy ladies that will come crying to digger lol and i will have no pity no matter how sexy u ladies are im used to sexy ladies it dont work on me i will take you all out xoxoxox love diggers_here_