Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello ladies, we are coming to the end of our Summer Leader Board,
August 28th will be the final game. Good luck everyone!!

Big congratulations to SusieQue for taking 1st in beauties last week, and kicking my ass for 3rd. BuaDonkaDonk with a 2nd place finish also very nice!!

SweetChecks1, managed "again" to take out our boy toy JaypdPinoi at 16th, for a bounty of $73.00. Great job ladies for still, to date, not allowing our boy toy to take over our game.

Looking for feedback from you ladies, I want to put together a Reunion of all the beauties. I thought a perfect place to do it, would be in Tunica. From January 20, 2009 till about Feb 8th, the WSOP will be held there. The schedule is not posted yet, But if we can all plan to get away sometime during that period, maybe Friday night - Monday morning, I would love for us all to play a circuit ladies event. I am going to call the hotel and see if I can block out about 10-15 rooms and get a discounted price for us. We can buddy up with each other and split the cost of the room. I hope all of us can make it, what a great time to finally put faces with names. Ill keep you all posted on the exact weekend. I do know the buy-in for the event is $225.00. (I have played it before, and it’s a blast)

The invite list is growing as you all can see; we have a lot of new beauties joining each week, I’d like to welcome Hokey Poker, PQroundd & ChasinU. Thank you ladies for coming out on Thursdays and playing with us. Hope you enjoyed yourself.
Cherokee: I would like to add, hopefully we also have another new beauty that requested application referred by IceMan1967 her name is NotNow7. I wanted to mention her ahead of time tho she hasn't played in our trny's "yet". She fought her battle and won. With her $530 entry placed 45th out of 778 players to win Sat 5:30pm 50 seat Aruba Classic for nice $8,500 trip to Aruba 2008. Congratulations if you're out there NotNow or later! (that name could get a bit confusing I can tell already)

I haven't recruited a Boy Toy this week, although I have a few in mind that wanted to play, I'm sure by Thursday we will have a victim. If anyone knows a male interested, feel free to give them my email, as I will reply to the email and give them the details.

Personal note: my bro in-law Joey is still in the same condition as 4 weeks ago, still in a coma, and on a respirator. He is going to be moved this week to a repertory hospital, with all the prayers he just may wake up.
On a good note, Frankie is doing wonderful, no new tumors, and doc said they're going to stop chemo for a while. The chemo is really hurting his body, (the side effects of chemo). With no new tumors he can have a few months off. What a miracle he has been. Once again ladies (friends) thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Our Leader Board as follows: click HERE (and return when done)

****************************And bragging beauties****************************
We had a few beauties who outdid themselves the past few days;
(emailed) A_Classylady 4th for a nice $510 Fri 2pm 6K snpr. Niantic View picked up near the tail end of it in 18th for $60 .

(emailed) A_Classylady again, this time 3rd for $840 Fri 7pm 8K Guar RB where our own SusieQue brought up the rear (no pun intended SQ) in 33rd for $44 hopefully recouping any of the $5+.50 RB she might have invested and then some. Nice goin ladies (give the check to Classy she's buying dinner this week)

(emailed) Bamapkrangel 1st for $2,700 out of 191 entries on $50+5 Monday Midnight 10K Guar Bounty plus another $35 for her 7 kills at $5 a shot. WTG Bama awesome job ( and you're taking us where next weekend did you say?)

See you all on Thursday, and have a lucky day (Happy hunting ladies, Cherokee)


Anonymous said...

wow, brave great spead sheet!!!

maronie47 said...

WTG ladies on all your wins.

And of course Brave forgot me again on my measly $27.43 4th place finish in the 11:40P.M. $1.10 turbo last night lmao.

The trip to tunica would be a blast if we could all do that. That would be awesome.

Keep up the good work keeping us posted brave on all thats going on alot easier than reading the whole schedule every nite to see who did what. love ya Mar

JCrew said...

Tunica sounds like a great idea! Please let me know what you find out or if you need any help with anything. My prayers are with your family- Colleen (aka Idblondee)

JCrew said...

I apologize if this is a duplicate post... I thought I posted arggg sometimes puter stuff so frustrating! lol Tunica sounds like a great idea. I am definitely interested, please let me know what you find out and I'm happy to help if need be. My prayers are with your family. Colleen (aka Idblondee)