Monday, August 25, 2008

Beauties Weekly Cap Monday Aug 25 2008 for Thur 21st trny


I made this weeks game will begin at “9:15”, I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone's schedule. I seem to always be late for beauties, as I need that extra 15 minutes to get the kids in bed. Thanks ladies.

Hello Ladies, this coming week is the last week to our summer leader board. It’s really anyone's game. Cheryl7760 and Michele1024 are tied for 1st with 18 points, RiverQueen88 in 2nd with 15 points, four ladies are all tied for 3rd at 14 points. Good luck to all the ladies, as the Top Three Chicks will receive gifts from me.

Congratulations to BuaDonkaDonk for a killer game. She took 1st with no problems; our final table was filled with many new chicks.
ChasinU coming in 2nd.......... Hokey Poker in 3rd........... and Nana 2005 rounding off in 4th........... Great job ladies, I sure know how to recruit pro's. Our boy toy last week was the one and only poker rapper "MookNam" he couldn't wait to play "to take us all down”, lmao, well, Mr rapper wasn't as easy as you thought it was, as you were the first one out!! Great job MsRinny02 for taking care of business and receiving MookNam’s $76.00 bounty.

This week’s boy toy is a real hottie, Gotta_Nguyen, a true boy toy as he is still in school. Once again he says; I'm only playing for the bragging rights, as he thinks he will take first. I don't have to say anything ladies, just do what you do best, TAKE HIM OUT!!!!

I'm still waiting for the WSOP to announce their schedule in Tunica, if anyone runs across it, please let me know so we can plan our trip. It looks like most if not all the beauties will be attending. I'm so excited and can’t wait to meet all you biotches!!!

OK ladies I will let brave take over from here I know he has MANY bragging beauties this week, so happy and proud of all you chicks, keep it up. Now if Cheryl and I, can only get our Aruba ticket.
I don't think there is anyone rooting for you any harder or as long wishing you would nail the so far evasive Aruba Classic than I do, Cherokee

A_Classylady: . Sat
6th $360 2pm Snpr 6K Guar Mon 184 entries
10th $75 8pm 7.5K Mon
...........paid 80 plcs $7,500 ya think 10 pay better but.......
6th $171.76 5pm 2K Guar Sun 241 entries

20th $200 8pm Mon 20K Deep Stack
9th $250 12am 10K Bnty Thur Aug 21

9th $135 8pm Snpr 7.5K Guar Thur

16th $200 8pm 20K Guar DeepStack Fri 148 Ent's

G Spice :
1st $134.40 10:20am PLO Mon

1st $1,000 3pm 4K 388 entries
10th $150 9:20pm 7.5K Guar Thur 21st 271 entries
2nd $180 5pm NLH Fri Aug 22
I would like to pause here for a special announcement. We all have asked ourselves if anyone ever knew anyone who got the Bad Beat Jackpot? Well we got as close to it without her hitting the big prize. Michele1024 was at the same table stakes won BBJP $158.87 at Glencoe $ .50-$1.00 tbl 1:10am Aug 24th just for being there in a hand along with others.

MissEvonne: (email)
10th for $372.94 PokerStars Sun 10pm 1755 entries

PQround2 :
3rd $2,100 3:30pm PLO 15K Guar Sat

SandiG :
6th $400 7pm 8K Guar Sat 424 entries

Smokin Hot38:
2nd $173.70 8:20pm $4Sniper Sun 386 entries

1st $1,000 3pm 4K Guar 349 entries Wed Aug 20
1st $81.40 11:40pm NLH 325 entries Wed Aug 20

An email from our very good friend TrickiVicki, along with her mom and dad spent several days at Las Vegas for her husbands birthday gave consent to post her email (I asked for hehehe).

Ok here's the low mom (Etimes) and I made two final tables together, which was pretty good in my book :). The second final table I took 4th for $340.00 and mom chopped with the other two (after I went.. the bastards!) for $729.00. Mom cashed for $240.00 in a tourney at Binions, that was ok but we were both excited because we were playing with Pam Brunson!! What a cool gal! I chopped a Sit n Go (but because I was higher in chips) I took $600 he took $400. My dad and hubby did pretty well too...Dad won about $770 and hubby won $1360. Not to shabby :) (Wish I could do as well here on UB)! Take care! Vicki

Less than $100 to lady winners I ran across, and by no means accurate or a complete list, and some being multiple winners were: HooterHanna, jJersyGirl, LaGata, SandiG, Cheryl7760, BetUrChekMe

For This Weeks Leader Board, the next to the last one in this summers series, please click HERE

Have a lucky day


Anonymous said...

Ok, what the hell? I demand naked pics of the guys if they play,or I will not be nice anymore.I have been on my best behavior last few times,I came to conclusion that some of you chicks need to get laid more often or in Ladysharons case,start getting laid.I will make it a point to play every week for now on ,if I do not see an attachment with the naked goods, to the email that states who the boytoy is.You may bet your bankroll on that one. Oh ,why the hell do they pay $25 to play with a bunch of women? I will never understand why a man in his right man would pay to play,sort of gives the feeling of being a hooker.Not that I am bitching ,do not mistake me on that,lol.

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